Ty. McDuffy Final Match
Trevor T. Kilgore Photography
C 2018

Competition, hard work, and dedication are the areas that have driven Shawn Girch as he participated in multiple sports growing up.  Coach Girch learned that championships are built through hard work and his success on sports demonstrated this as he was a part of five Maryland State Championship teams in high school (2 soccer, 2 lacrosse, 1 wrestling).  Following high school, Shawn played NCAA Division I & III lacrosse at Mt. St. Mary’s College and York College of Pennsylvania. 

Shawn graduated from York College of PA with a bachelor’s degree in business administration.  While working as a financial representative he coached a high school lacrosse team where he saw firsthand the excitement of young men as they achieve their dream.  After seeing the enthusiasm that he was able to inspire, Shawn decided to leave a career in financial services to become a high school teacher.

Shawn Girch began his teaching career in Baltimore City where many of the students struggled with simple things like getting to school and having the minimum essentials to complete their work.  As the wrestling coach Girch not only won the school’s first city championship and coached the school’s first state champion but he was able to provide many academic and community opportunities to the young men.  Driving through Baltimore City to pick up wrestlers, providing shoes for the kids, and holding each one accountable in the classroom were the little things that allowed the team to prosper. 

Due to a career opportunity Shawn Girch left Baltimore City to teach in Baltimore County where he took over the wrestling and lacrosse programs for the high school.  The same commitment to excellence continued and Coach Girch has had the opportunity to sit in the corner eight different times in order to coach young men in the state finals. 

The challenge continues and developing young men and women who are able to succeed after high school and beyond sports is the aspiration and purpose behind Champions that Wrestle Inc.  Coach Girch witnessed many students fall of the tracks and become victim to their circumstances, providing an alternate path is his desire and he is determined to eliminate excuses.