Scholar Champions is a CTW program dedicated to preparing young men and women for the SAT and College. Champions that Wrestle is proud to offer this 8 week course free of charge to those champions that meet all of the requirements and regulations. Scholar Champions is a highly sought program that will help prepare for the SAT, college applications, writing strategies, and additional learning the help further each champions education.

Program Director
CTW has partnered with the certified program director to lead these sessions.

Register/Apply – Complete the Scholar Champions’ registration form. Your application will be reviewed by our team and you will be notified regarding your acceptance in the program.

Requirements & Regulations

  • Attend the introductory meeting. This meeting is mandatory for the Scholar and a parent/guardian.
  • Complete the Learning Center Pre-Test.
  • Register & Pay for the SAT. – Click here for registration dates
  • Attend ALL Scholar Champion courses.
  • Sit for the SAT exam.
  • Submit SAT registration receipt and confirmation of sitting for the SAT.
  • Receive a refund of the SAT Fee.