Our Mission

Guiding young men and women to live the lifestyle of a champion through academic, athletic, and  community based programs despite the possibility of physical, social, or economic disadvantages.

Champion Lifestyle

Our Philosophy


Sports have proven to be an excellent avenue to develop discipline, create a prosperous life, while establishing lifelong relationships. 

As seen in many professional sports being a champion is not something that exist exclusively  on the mat, the field, or the court.  Professional and collegiate athletics have demonstrated over recent history that being the best athlete is simply not good enough. Companies, colleges, professional sports teams, and community members seek people that are positive role models and contribute to the community. 

The champion lifestyle focuses on accountability and hard work in three main areas of life; Academics, Athletics, and Community. The importance of accountability and hard work is evident when working with young men and women. The champion lifestyle is a philosophy that focuses developing the youth to be champions through academics, champions through athletics, and champions in the community. These three pillars are the foundation of Champions that Wrestle Inc.  

Pillars of a champion


Building life-long learners is a key to success.  As coaches and mentors, the first two questions that employers and colleges ask us regarding a student is “What is their GPA?” and “What is their SAT score?”

Success through academics is a priority of Champions that Wrestle Inc.  as we strive to build young and men with character.  Providing opportunities for continued learning is a pillar of a champion.

Champions that Wrestle Inc. strives to provide learning opportunities in some of the following avenues for students:

  • SAT / ACT prep classes
  • College readiness seminars
  • 1 V 1 Mentor
  • College & Career fairs
  • College application workshops
  • Financial Scholarships


 Sports continue to be a positive and exciting outlet for young men and women.  Students that are involved in  extracurricular activities are more likely to stay out of jail and attend college.

Champions that Wrestle Inc. aims to eliminate all possible excuses for an athlete to achieve their dream by providing some of the following opportunities:

  • Gym access
  • Transportation
  • High level coaching
  • Equipment & shoes
  • Entrance fees
  • College coach meetings
  • College visits
  • Nutrition analysis
  • 1 V 1 coaching
  • Strength training


 Community involvement is a pillar to developing a foundation of success for the future.  Living a Champion Lifestyle means giving back and being a positive impact in the community. 

A champion at school and on the mat is a great achievement but having the opportunity and ability to reach the members of your community is where the most impact can be made.  

It is an essential part of Champions that Wrestle Inc.'s mission to provide opportunities for the community members and establish procedures and policies for conducting ones self in a positive manner.

Some of the community outreach opportunities that Champions that Wrestle Inc. provide are:

  • Interview guidelines
  • Assist with community events
  • Cleaning parks and neighborhoods
  • Planting trees

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